2017 Ralley

In 1977 A few model aircraft pilots got together to find a site to enjoy the sport of
model aircraft building and flying, thus The Valley Radio Controlled Flying Club
(VRCFC) was born.

Some of the pilots flew at the current location which was called Pure Village at that
time. During this time the site was home to 4 full scale aircraft.  Some pilots also flew
at the old Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Kratzer Rd which is now home to R.
R. Donnelley printing company. Since our goal was to find a common place we
decided on the Pure Village location for a while.

In the late 70’s we decided to move to a site off of Port Republic Road, and to
charter our club with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) We met in Ray
Gordon’s basement with about 10 members present and were now a chartered club
with the AMA. However some of the neighbors didn’t like the models flying out there,
as they could be quite loud at times.  We didn’t have a muffler rule so after
negotiations with the land owner we decided to move to a location in Keezletown and
enacted a muffler rule to keep peace with our new neighbors. It was at this site that
the club saw it’s first large aircraft, with a wing span of 70 inches. Howard “Pete”
Shifflett Sr. had a ¼ scale piper cub that he and his son Pete II flew regularly. During
this time we talked about hosting meets, the first one being a fun fly for club
members and other nearby clubs. When the land owner passed away around 1982
we were once again looking for a new home.

We contacted Kermit Early who was the owner of the Village Inn and once again we
called the Village Inn our home. We still shared the runway with a few full size
aircraft. We then contacted the Weaver family who owned the land and signed our
first official lease. Mr. Winston Weaver and his son became members and flew with
us for many years.

Since large aircraft were becoming the norm around 1982-1983 and many of our
members had models with wing span of 80” or more, Pete II suggested having a
jumbo event like the ones he had been to. The location was great and many people
were interested in coming to the valley to fly. Our events from 1984-1987 were
simply called the Valley RC Flying Club Jumbo Fly-In. Our only requirement was
your model had to be large, at least ¼ scale. With large models becoming more
prevalent a group was formed called the International Miniature Aircraft Association
(IMAA) This group recognized the importance of safe and sound large scale model
flying. We adopted their standards for large models and chartered our club with
them. When charter member Ray Gordon passed away in 1988 we decided to name
the event The Ray Gordon Memorial Jumbo Fly-In in his honor. Ray was a member
of the club who you could count on to drop anything he was doing to meet the
needs of a fellow club member or the club itself.

Over the years we have had celebrities, model manufacturing companies, and many
different clubs attend our event. We have hosted many events over the years
including pattern flying contests, intra club events for model clubs in the area, an
annual swap meet, and other organizations such as the boy scouts. We host these
events so the local people and their families can enjoy seeing the fun of flying model
aircraft. We always hear sentiments such as “I had a great time”, “I’ll be back”, “you
have a great field and you run a really nice event”

I guess the best way to put it is the VRCFC is a family oriented club that is dedicated
to having a good time flying and talking about model aircraft.