How To Join
Step 1:
Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics.  The AMA is a national organization that
provides many benefits to its members.  These benefits include a monthly
magazine, insurance coverage, event sanctioning, educational programs, safety
programs, governmental representation, recognition of groups and individuals for
outstanding contributions to aeromodelling, etc.  Members of the Valley R.C. Flying
Club are required obtain and maintain membership in the AMA.  To join the AMA, fill
out an official membership application form and mail it to the Academy of Model
Aeronautics.  Membership application forms can be obtained from:
  • The Valley R.C. Flying Club
  • Hobby shops
  • Modelling magazines
  • Direct from the AMA

Step 2:
Formally apply for membership in person (or by having someone represent you) at
a regular monthly club meeting by providing
all of the following:
1.  Payment of club dues.
2.  Proof of AMA membership.
3.  A completed
Membership Application/Information Form.

Step 3:
From the date of formal application, you will begin a sixty (60) day probationary
period where you are entitled to all rights and privileges granted to members with
the exception of voting on club related matters.

Step 4:
After the probationary period has ended the members of the corporation or the
Board of Directors will vote to approve or reject your application for membership.  If
your application is rejected the dues that were paid will be refunded.
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